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Bellissima ProseccoTreviso, Italy

The Bellissima Way

In Italian, Bellissima doesn’t just mean beautiful, but “most beautiful.” This spirit inspires our collection of Prosecco and sparkling wines, made with organic grapes, developed with the help of one of the world’s most beautiful women, Christie Brinkley.

Our commitment to producing the most beautiful collection of Prosecco and sparkling wines made with organic grapes and certified vegan is embodied by our process: from the vineyard—where we work in reverence to our Italian soil and the natural cycles of the vines—to the environmentally-friendly materials we use in our packaging.

Like Christie, a life-long vegetarian and environmental rights advocate, we believe it’s vital to preserve the natural beauty of the world around us.

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Christie Brinkley Bellissima

About Christie Brinkley

Since being discovered by a photographer in Paris while still in art school, Christie has appeared on over 500 magazine covers worldwide, served as a spokeswoman for CoverGirl, and performed on Broadway, in television, and in film.

Though undoubtedly beautiful herself, Christie has always endeavored to help others feel beautiful. She started Christie Brinkley’s Authentic Skincare line to help fight aging, and helped create Hair2Wear, which offers women innovative and fashion-forward hair extensions for hair-to-go. Her New York Times best-selling book of beauty secrets, Timeless Beauty, offers guidance on what to eat, how to apply makeup, and what to wear.

Christie has also always found time to give back, and has received several awards for her work protecting our health and the environment. She has entertained troops from Bosnia to Kosovo, spoken out against nuclear weapons and power plants at the United Nations, and traveled to Africa in support of anti-elephant and rhino poaching campaigns.

Given Christie’s commitment to creating and preserving beauty—in herself, in others, and in the natural world—it’s no surprise that her line of Prosecco and sparkling wines are made with organic grapes, certified vegan and imbued with her Bellissima spirit.

As she says, “Dream big Bellissima dreams, and may they all come true!”


Christie Brinkley About Treviso

Located about 50km due north of Venice, in the heart of Italy’s Veneto region, is Treviso, a city known as the original producer of Prosecco. With its rolling hills, its ancient cathedrals, and the rivers Botteniga and Sile flowing throughout its walled urban center, it is a place of unmatched natural beauty.

Our vineyards here are cultivated organically, in harmony with the region’s natural rhythms. We work with deep respect for our soil, a unique white limestone originating from the river Piave, which lends Bellissima a uniquely complex floral aroma. We don’t rush nature, but instead work patiently to achieve Prosecco and sparkling wines that are always made with organic grapes, reflecting the rarified beauty of the region from which they came.