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Pedroncelli Winery & VineyardsGeyserville, CA

Pedroncelli Family


Giovanni and Julia Pedroncelli purchased a vineyard, shuttered winery and a home mid-Prohibition in 1927. Working together they forged a family business which today spans four generations, so far. As early entrants on the Sonoma County wine scene there were many ‘firsts’ for the Pedroncellis. Inviting consumers in to taste their wines at the source, the first rosé wine made from Zinfandel, putting Sonoma County on the label, first to plant Cabernet Sauvignon, early adopters of temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and first to create an independent sales and marketing network.
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The winery and vineyards are located in Dry Creek Valley, an American Viticultural Area we helped form. Renowned as prime land for grape growing, high quality wines are the result. The climate, where the development in ripening grapes is protected from the heat by the marine fog intrusion in the evenings, is singular and unparalleled. Pedroncelli wines are regionally focused and site specific and we’ve learned to pair the right varietal with the best place creating great character.


Dry Creek Valley and Zinfandel are synonymous so it’s natural that it would be the flagship wine—it’s been growing here since the turn of the 20th century. And, having been the first to plant Cabernet Sauvignon in Dry Creek Valley where it thrives, it makes sense that the two make up over 50% of estate vineyards. With 13 varietals planted over 105 acres as well as sourcing grapes from nearby neighbors and friends the house style of delightful acidity, superb balance and distinct varietal character shines in every bottle. Pedroncelli wines are made with friends and family in mind and pair as nicely with food as they do with a glass.


As a family who has farmed for 90 years in Dry Creek Valley you could say that we have ‘sustainable’ in our DNA. The ranch has sustained four generations so far and we want the next generations to be able to continue farming in an environmentally sensitive way. We practice sustainable wine growing and over the years we have reduced water use, built healthy soil and protected the vineyard environment. This is a comprehensive approach involving all aspects of farming including management of viticulture, soil, water, pest, habitat and wine quality. The most important statement we can make about our wine is that we are here for the long term and protecting the land is one way we will achieve that goal.