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Outlot WinesSonoma, CA

Our Story

Outlot by definition, is a piece of land situated outside a town or city limits. Outlot, to us, is the special area just outside Healdsburg, fondly known to locals as the “Magnolia Peninsula”. Bordered to the west by Dry Creek, the east by Foss Creek, and the south by the Russian River, this area has a long and rich history filled with stories of great ranches and exclusive resorts.

Famous for its rich soil, as much as 24-feet deep in some areas, nurseries and orchards thrived here from the late 1800s, ultimately giving way to the vineyards that are abundant in the area today. 

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Had it not been for the dedicated farmers who live in the area, this rich farming land and heritage may not exist today. Threatened by development in the early 1970s, outraged farmers fought to protect the land in a decade long battle – the “battle for Healdsburg’s Magnolia Peninsula”.

With this wine, we celebrate the area and honor those that fought to ensure the Magnolia Peninsula would remain as it was back in the late 1800s, a rich farmland where vines and orchards thrive. It is living history in the modern era.