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Hard Six CellarsCalistoga, CA

Hard Six Cellars

Our Risk : Your Reward

We think every place holds unique qualities to uncover and appreciate, especially with respect to wine. At Hard Six Cellars, we select remote vineyards and tend them with minimal intervention.  It's a risky proposition, but the reward we get to share with you are wines that are the fullest expression of fruit and land: Meanmouth Cabernet, Seven Pillars Syrah and Seated Cloud Sauvignon Blanc.

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It's all about the power of place: the soil, the climate, the land and their interplay with the planted vines. Our vineyards are a little more remote and challenging, representing some of the most interesting growing conditions in Napa and Sonoma. We tend these spots in ways that let the land and the vines determine the outcome.

This means hand farming with a lot of site- and vine-specific attention. We're dedicated to minimal irrigation and use low impact, environmentally conscious practices. The goal is promoting vine and soil health by building biodiversity. Mindfully stressing the vines delivers lower yields, but more concentrated fruit.

“While Hard Six proprietors Wayne and Kara Fingerman enlist brand-name artists to help decorate their labels, in the end it’s their well-chosen, carefully tended vineyards-including this one on Diamond Mountain-that do the talking.” -Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier

Kara and Wayne

About Us

Kara and Wayne met in Central Park through their dogs Bella and Ty (the physical embodiment of the Meanmouth!). Not long afterwards, they moved west to pursue their passion for wine. And so it evolved….

Today, Hard Six Cellars is a fueled by a vision of winemaking that puts the land first.  Jess, Keisha & Maya are often also present, earning us the nickname “Los Lobos” amongst the vineyard workers. 

Kara and Wayne have a mutual appreciation for abstract and “outsider” art.  The works chosen for the Hard Six labels have enormous depth and are extremely evocative, risky and captivating in nature.  It is our hope that our wines will resonate with you in the same way.

There's risk involved in choosing vineyards that are more challenging, but that's what Hard Six connotes - a high risk, high reward proposition. We're passionate believers in our efforts. Sometimes this means a passionate debate or two along the way...but always over a glass of wine, of course.

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