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Empyrean WinesWillamette Valley, Oregon

Empyrean Wines embraces the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. From windy vineyards  in the dry hills of Eastern Washington to cleared acres nestled amongst forested slopes of Oregon's lush Willamette Valley, Empyrean seeks the best grapes, for the best possible wines. 
Our approach to wine could make Empyrean Wines unique among New World producers. We passionately believe that proper aging greatly improves wine. We believe it offers a finer balance between fruit and the soft tannins that is only achieved with time, and yields harmony throughout the palate.
Empyrean's commitment to aging is almost unheard of, and possibly quite mad. For many wines, a considerable part of their beauty is lost when consumed too soon. You are in no danger of that with Empyrean - drink and enjoy right now, we've either aged them for you, or made them to drink immediately.

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LYRA - takes its name from the Lyre constellation, as it is harmonious and an immediate pleasure.  Lyra is a new offering for Empyrean,  a pinot noir from Oregon's premiere Yamhill-Carlton AVA.  Like all Empyrean wines it is a blend, this time of four pinot noir clones. We made Lyra to drink now, with soft red fruits, restrained French oak, and balanced tannins.