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Dos Lagos VineyardsNapa, CA

Dos Lagos Vineyards

Dos Lagos Vineyards is located on the Atlas Peak AVA in Napa, California. A 22 acre property in total, there are 5 acres of premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and "Two Lakes" or "Dos Lagos" in Spanish.

The property is at an altitude of approximately 1,650 feet. (Only 1% of grapes grown in the world are above 1000 feet altitude.) The vines are planted on the gently sloping hillsides reaching down to the two lakes. Our "Terroir" encompasses gentle ridge top breezes to cool the vines in the afternoon.  The poor, rocky soils are comprised of white volcanic ash, the "Tuff Series Geology". This attributes to the intense flavor and delicate well-balanced tanins-unique to the best Atlas Peak wines.


At Dos Lagos Vineyards, we are committed to using sustainable methods in our vineyards. Everything used in the vineyards must protect not only the vines, but the wildlife, fish and birds. No glyphosates here! 

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Tom and Marcie Dinkel

Tom and Marcie

Tom and Marcie Dinkel have been married for 25 years. On one of their first dates, the couple visited the Hess Collection and winery. They were inspired by the multi-media presentation about the vineyards, the process of grape growing, and seasonal changes. They were passionate about making this part of their lives, and set the goal on the spot to own a vineyard.

They have owned Dos Lagos vineyards for 13 years now. Both have a deep connection with the vineyards, lakes, birds and the animals that share this magical 22 acre property.

Marcie was a former top model in Paris with 100 magazine covers. She is now an artist, and also creates art for the wine labels for each and every vintage.

Tom was previously in renewable energy for many years. He loves vineyard education, which is expressed in his videos. Favorite thing: "Meeting people, and building relationships with them, is one of the biggest joys in our wine business."