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Calculated Risk WineryNapa, California

Our Story

Our team doesn't settle for mediocre. We select varietals from the most exclusive appellations in Napa Valley. Occasionally, we source unique grapes outside of Napa Valley to add our collection. Keeping with the tradition of those that have changed the world around us, we strive to over deliver with the best quality at an attractive value. We hope you find Calculated Risk Winery to deliver on that promise.

Here's to the crazy ones, the ones who change the world. The painters who recolor it. The scientists who redefine it. The innovators who take "It can't be done" as their starting point. They make computers in garages, turn moldy bread into medicine, and take the bus seats that were denied to them. They smash barriers because they are convinced that something better exists on the other side. When the pluses outweigh the minuses, they take the calculated risk.

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