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The Idea

Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest and CellarStash is one of the simplest. An incredible selection of wineries uses the same fulfillment network to bring their wines directly to your door. CellarStash is a groundbreaking partnership between the wineries and the fulfillment network that allows you to get access to a vast selection of wine without the wineries having to jump through hoops. It’s a win-win. The result is a vibrant wine store with competitive prices, fast shipping and unparalleled selection.
This isn’t some voodoo that promises you connections that others just don’t have or making you some kind of insider. CellarStash simply takes advantage of the systems already in place to bring you delicious wine. It’s simple and you win.

Why CellarStash

First and foremost, we love wine and we love sharing it with others. We started CellarStash because it allows everyone to do what they do best. The winemakers can focus on making outstanding wine, not battling wholesalers for attention. The fulfillment network can work on getting a vast selection of wines delivered to you quickly. And you? You have the best role of all: enjoying wines, whether it be discovering new favorites or having a reliable selection of your standbys, without having to deal with bottle minimums or placing orders at 6 different wineries.