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Cloaked In Secrecy 2015


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100% Chardonnay grapes from two of the top locations in Napa go into Cloaked in Secrecy

Oak Knoll District is called the "sweet spot" for Chardonnay, referring to this AVA's mild climate. Some of Napa's best-loved Chardonnays hail from the District, due to the region’s temperate weather. Located toward the southern end of the Napa Valley at a relatively low elevation on the valley floor, the Oak Knoll District is accessible to the climate-moderating effects of San Pablo Bay. Soils are stony to loam.

Carneros: Also affected by the cooling breeze off the San Pablo Bay, these soils are dense, shallow, and high in clay and loam. While the soils lead to low yields, the cool maritime climate allows for a longer growing season. The excellent sun exposure provides a lean yet elegant expression of the natural flavors of Chardonnay. The result is balanced color, flavor, and acidity.

Cloaked in Secrecy This well-balanced Chardonnay exhibits many classic Burgundian characteristics: well balanced, neutral Oak, bright and balanced acidity.

Alcohol: 13.5%


Back Story: “Cloaked in Secrecy”

It was a dark and stormy night… and the young Frenchman was busy in a Napa Wine Cellar, working some “French Magic” on his secret Chardonnay project in America.

The eldest son of one of the most famous Burgundy Families, he was sent to America to see what all the buzz was about. He did not have high expectations for either the wine he would make or the Americans he would meet. His arranged marriage was waiting for him upon his return, uniting two of the most influential families in the region.

He was struck by two things - the quality of the fruit he was working with, and the stunning daughter of his Napa Winery hosts.

The Chardonnay project was a success, he had made some of the best wine in his career in a true Burgundian style while using Napa Grapes.

His love for the Napa Winery owners’ daughter was intense and forbidden by both families. The lovers would eventually elope, causing a scandal back in France, and raised eyebrows around Napa.

In the end, the wine was sold off in secret, because it was simply TOO good, and would shame his French family’s reputation and holdings in Burgundy.

There are only 204 cases of this world-class Chardonnay remaining - its’ details and background will be forever: Cloaked in Secrecy

Dos Lagos Vineyards

Dos Lagos Vineyards

Dos Lagos Vineyard

Sitting near the top of Atlas Peak with soils of white volcanic ash, Dos Lagos Vineyards receives an unusual difference in weather compared to others in Napa Valley. The fog cools the grapes in the morning and evening, while the sun warms and ripens them throughout the day allowing for perfect growing conditions.

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